The Saga of the Deep Dark Hole


on December 17 while mowing look what I found
December 2010 - The Hole appears

The perspective view - it runs to the car  and worryingly past the pole

No sign of Wombats here

or here

is that a rabbit or what...
lemme at it

the  swerve as I realised that I was heading to the hole
and it must be under me as well

Earlier this year in the rain we noticed this
March 2010 The silt is visible The flow Out of the culvert meets the flow from under the road
The Amazon and the Rio Negro

Above the culvert in March - No Flow in


Even at the top of the property.. it is all undermined  july 2014

The Wombats and roos use it as a home now

in 2014 we have general collapse along the whole line



The Sod is in place the hole under it about 12 feet deep